Benifits “Bad Gal” Mascara review

Hey lovelies!
So a few days ago I had gone on a shopping spree with a few friends. We came across a sephora, and we picked up a few goodies there. I was particularly interested in the mascara, and came across the infamous “Bad Gal”.


Now, you might ask: “is this mascara just as “bad” as they say it is?”

And the answer is YES.

I can see why everyone is on love with this mascara. With one swipe you get so much volume and length!



As you can see, the brush on this thing is colossal! It’s about the size of my small finger. I think that’s one of the things that makes this mascara one of the best out there. With such fat bristles, you can easily coat every lash, and get a beautiful, even application.


As you can see here, my lashes look so much fuller with just one swipe.

In all if I could, I’d give benefits Bad Gal a six out of five. If you’ve been hesitating about buying it cause of the price, go out there and pick one up. You won’t be disappointed! 😊

Thanks so much for reading!
Xoxo curly❤️


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