Naptural85 Summer Beach Curls

Hey guys!

So lately I’ve really wanted to try something different with my hair. Twists, and braids are all fine and well, but every now and then we need to stray from the norm. That’s when I came across naptural’s summer beach curls tutorial! I had actually tried it twice before my most recent attempt, but I didn’t really like how they looked on me. My hair has a definate pattern but I get frizz pretty easily, making it hard to really get those curls popping without a heavy gel, which my hair dosent really respond very well to anyway. This third time, I modified it a bit to suit my curly needs and I must say, I really like it! 😊




It really gave my hair some body which I enjoy! It’s big, and curly, and I like how it looks. I’m on my second day so far, and I’m just experimenting on how to keep the curls overnight without creating shrinkage or frizzy ness. Last night I treated it as if it were a regular twistout. I lightly twisted the sections together, with a bit of coconut oil, and called it a day. I really want to see if I could get the curls a bit more elongated, so I may put it into a bun or something to give it a little stretch tonight. In all, I really like how it looks!

Go try it!😊

Visit naptural’s channel for the tutorial! Look her up on YouTube 😊

Thanks for reading!❤️

Xoxoxo Curly❤️

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