Henna and Natural hair

Hey guys!

So I had paid a quick visit to my local beauty supply store recently. While wandering down the isles, I came across some henna!


Now, hearing all the wonderful things I have about this stuff, I snatched it up and brought it right to the register. I was eager to try it out, but decided to wait until I had a firmer grasp on what it really does to your strands.
Upon my researching I came across lots of websites with helpful information. Now I may not even use the box I have.

With henna, it’s best to use body art quality.(which is not the kind I picked up) This kind is milled finer, and is usually easier to rinse out of your hair. Henna itself is made from a plant, which is scientifically called Lawsonia inermis . Indigo is usually used with henna to achieve a darker, black color. Notice how my box says mahogany? From what I know at this moment, henna can only tint your hair a reddish color.

Once I brought the box home, I did do a little research on the brand colora, and it generally did get good reviews. I’m still debating if I should use it it not, but if you are going to use henna, make sure you do some research first, so you know what your getting.

Looking for some info about henna? Check out these sights:



*p.s I don’t own these sights they belong to thier rightful owners!

Thanks for reading,
Curly xoxo


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