Revlon Lipstick Review!

Hey guys!

So I recently went to my local drugstore in hopes of finding the perfect very day lip color for my skintone. After searching high and low , I finally stumbled upon these drugstore gems!


These are the Revlon super lustrous lipsticks. The two shades I decided on were Rose Velvet, and Cherries in the Snow.


First off, I just want to say that the formula on these is something to be reckoned with! They are super creamy, and have very nice color saturation.

Out of the two I picked, I like Cherries in the Snow the best. It’s a very buildable color. Dab it on lightly, and you have a beautiful, natural pinkish-red flush to your lips, or layer it on and you have a super bright pinkish red lip.

Here’s a swatch:


As for Rose Velvet, the formula is great and the color is nice and opaque, but it’s just a bit too light for my skintone. For some reason, brownish pink lip products seem to wash my face out. I have very strong yellow undertones in my skin, so it’s warps the color.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a swatch of this color, but I do have a picture.


In all, I really love these two. Even though Rose Velvet wasn’t the color I was looking for, the formula itself is great! I really recommend these if your looking for a high quality lipstick that won’t break the bank. 🙂

Thanks for Reading!
Xoxo Curly


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