Makeup must haves: 2013

Hey guys!

So this post is all about products that are perfect for a beginners makeup kit, or for the gal that’s on the go, and needs a quick makeup fix!

Let’s take a look shall we?

So I tried to cover the whole face spectrum, dealing from lips to eyes to face. First up we have mabyelline product. It happens to be one of Thier vivids lipsticks. The shade I reccomend here is “shocking coral”




This lipstick has become my favorite lipstick I own. It’s such a beautiful, reddish orange pink color. It’s flattering on any skin tone. I love to wear it as just a flush of color on my lips. It’s really natural that way, and gives a healthy dose of color to your face.

Next we have an ELF mineral blush:





This shade is called “Peachy” and it’s a gorgeous burnt orange color. It does contain golden shimmer, but it’s not overwhelming, and can even double a a highlight. Now don’t be alarmed by the swatch, it looks chalky and dry, but it glides onto the skin like a dream. Plus it’s part of their mineral line, so that’s a big plus as well.

Next we have a loreal mascara:



This is the coveted loreal voluminous mascara. This product gives me crazy volume and length. It seems like a generic brush and tube but it works wonders on those lashes. This is probabally the best mascara I have tried up to date. It’s black, opaque, and really gives me the look I want!

Next is an eyeshadow much loved by the makeup community:




This is the mabyelline 24hr color tattoo in “Bad to the Bronze”. This is a shimmery taupe brown shade that really brightens up your eyes when your in a rush. Just a swipe of this and some mascara and your good to go! It does last a long time by it’s, and makes a great base for your other shadows as well

Next we have an eyeliner:




This is the Milani eye tech extreme liquid eyeliner pen. This stuff has become a staple in my routine. It’s really precise, and you can get a really fine tip for those cat eye looks! It’s waterproof as well, so that’s a huge plus for me, as I tend to rub my eyes a lot.

Next we have a few chapsticks:





These are an extremely important part of my routine. These two chappies really keep your lips moisturized, and supple for when you put your lip color on. You could really just wear it alone for a high shine, and get a real pretty, effortless look, making it super versatile!

Well, those are my top picks! If you would like a really in depth review of any products here, then let me know!

Thanks for reading!❤️



5 thoughts on “Makeup must haves: 2013

    • Aw thank you so much! Yeah that mascara must be magic or something, cause it really gives volume! I love it! And the Nivea lip butters are great for moisturizing. It’s the perfect moisturizer to put under a color, so it dosent feather as much. The lush Chapstick is great for matte lipstick looks. Plus they have a bunch of fun shades and scents 😊

      Thanks for reading!

  1. Do you have the non-waterproof Voluminous? I heard great things about the waterproof version so I purchased it a while back and it smudges on me HORRIBLY! I’ve worn it maybe twice and haven’t touched it since. But so many people love it, I wonder if it’s just the waterproof one.
    Great post! 🙂

    • I actually have the non waterproof version! I had wanted the waterproof kind, but I wasn’t really paying attention to which package I brought. So by mistake I had picked up the wrong one. I still love it however! Haha it was a happy mistake 😊 I haven’t tried the waterproof kind so I can’t really compare. Maybe you’ll have better luck with the non waterproof? I haven’t experienced too much smudging with it, but if you rub your eyes a lot like I do, it may transfer a little, but not too much.

      Thank you so much for reading!

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