Twistout Methods

Hey there!

So in the last update, I promised you guys I would tell you how I twisted my hair, and what methods worked best.

Lately, I’ve been using Naptural85’s method of twisting. Basically, your feeding hair into the twist as you go. Check her channel for some more details on how to do it. 🙂
I actually like that method a bit better than just regular two strand twisting because for me it’s quicker. I find that I get the same look as well, although a softer hold.
Two strand twisting is the classic way to do a twistout. When I feel like really getting my style defined, I’ll turn to this method. It takes quite a long time for me because I have to make the parts all the same size for it to look uniform. However, with this method, you really don’t have to re twist during the week. I find that eventually (like Wednesday or Thursday) the strands soften up, and it gets nice and fluffy without any separating. These are the only two methods I’ve tried, but they work pretty well for me depending on what mood I’m in, or what style I feel like doing.
Keep in mind I have 4b hair, which tends to be a bit coarser than other types, so that factors in a bit as well.

Are there any other twistout methods you’ve tried? How did they work for you?

Thank you so much for reading!
Xoxo Curly


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