Winged Eyeliner Tutorial

Hey guys! So as promised, here is the winged liner makeup tutorial!

For this look, all your going to need is a liquid eyeliner of your choice. For this specific look, I’m using the ELF liquid eyeliner in black.


I chose this liner instead of my regular revlon colorstay liquid is because of the very fine tip.


I feel that this kind of brush will really help create a precise, neat line which makes this whole look a lot easier to do 🙂

If you plan on using any type of eyeshadow for your lids, make sure you apply that before you start the liner.

So the first step for creating this look is to line your eyes regularly. Start from the inside of you eye, and go outwards, gradually thickening the line.


*** if you have trouble creating a straight line on your lid, do it with a pencil liner first. Then you can trace over with liquid***

Next, were going to start the actual flick, for the “cat” eye shape! To make it as symmetrical as possible, start from where your bottom lash line starts.


***A silly trick of mine is to pick a point on your eye where you want the wing to end. I usually choose the start of my crease. By doing this, I have a guide on where I should stop for my other eye.***

After creating that line, make another connecting the liner on your lid to the flick we just drew. You should be left with a triangle like shape!


Now here comes the easy part: all you have to do now is color in that triangle. This is where the thin brush really comes in handy! 😉

And your finished! 😀 not so hard right?




Well, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and I hope it made things a bit easier 🙂

Thanks for reading!
Xoxo curly


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