Naptural85 Effortless Beach Waves

Hey guys! So for this week, I decided to replicate a style I saw on naptural85’s channel. I loved how she got such a loose wave in her hair! It looked so nice!
So, being inspired by her video, I decided to to a version on my hair.

Here’s how it came out:


I really really love it! It took so little time compared to my regular sized Bantus, and with those, I have to wait a day so they can fall a bit. With this, I got almost a wave on the shaft of my hair, and a slight curl on the ends. It also shows off the length of my hair which I like too. I will say that I’m going to have to practice on that twisting method though. It works well for my hair, but it just takes a little practice, that’s all. Here are some more pictures so you can see the curl pattern a bit better


Now because the curl patterns so loose on these, it may not last the whole week. But since the knots were so large (about six for my whole head) it’s easily redone without spending hours and hours in front of the mirror. What usually takes me anywhere from 2 hours or more took me about an hour.

I hope you decide to try it out! Look up Naptural for more details about it.

Thanks for reading!
Curly xoxo


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