Hair Update Time!

Hey guys! This is just a quickie hair update for the beginning of the week.

This week, I decided to put some Bantu knots in. I always find it harder to put a new style in over and old one, because my hair adopts the pattern so well.

It will take me a good few minutes just to revert my hair back into an undefined natural curl after wearing a twist out for a week.

So far I really like the results. I have that curly bob that I like after stretching the front curls for about a day!


This Bantu knot out seems to be softening rather quickly. Usually I’ll see the curls fall Tuesday of this week so Ill almost have waves by Friday. This time, they’re already pretty elongated from my twistout, so I have a fluffy curl pattern now!

I’ll let you know of they hold up well for this week!

Thanks for reading!
Xoxo Curly


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