Big, Flirty Lashes with Mabyelline’s “The Rocket” Mascara!

Hey guys!

So I’m pretty sure some of you guys have heard a bit of the buzz around this new mascara. I decided to pick it up, and I sure am glad I did!

This may not matter to some of you guys out there, but I love the packaging! Its very eye catching.


I decided to get the waterproof version just because my eyes water occasionally, and I felt it would have a better staying power than the original.

The color I have is in very black, which Im pretty sure is one of the most  opaque options they offer. Something I don’t like is how small the sticker is on the bottom. It sounds petty, but I can’t read it without giving myself a headache. The sticker has the name of the color on it, so unless you pull out a magnifying glass you should remember the shade.

See how small the lettering is?


I have it zoomed in on 4x but its still not entirely clear to the eye.

As for the actual product, I really like it! It dries nicely, and dosent give your lashes a crunchy look and feel. For you guys who don’t like the synthetic mascara brush wands, be warned: This wand is all about those plastic bristles.


These bristles are rather short and a bit stiff, but that stiffness makes it almost like a comb running through your lashes.  The shortness  helps with getting close to your lashline also.

Volume is this mascaras middle name! It really fattens up your lashes. I’m a person who likes to keep the makeup subtle, so one swipe of mascara is enough for me. These pictures are after just one swipe of mascara, from root to tip and a light curl. (1 pulse)


These are my natural lashes, unaltered, and no curling done.


These are my lashes with a light curl, only about 5 seconds, and light pressure.


These are my lashes with only one swipe of mascara… I must say, Im pretty pleased with the results!


So what do you think? Thinking of getting it?

Thanks for reading!
Xoxo Curly


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