Revlon Lip Balm Stain Review

Hey guys!

I apologize for such a long wait for another post! The only things I have been doing are studying, eating and sleeping cause of midterms.

Today, I have a review for you on the Revlon balm stains. These have been out for a while and they are a favorite of mine, even though they have thier cons. The two shades I have for you are “Romantic” and “Honey”



The lighter pink is Honey, and the red is Romantic.
When I first heard about these, I thought they were perfect! Touching up makeup in school is not something I want to do often, so the more longlasting products I can get my hands on, the better.

The first one I brought was
“Romantic.” This shade is a translucent red that is extremely buildable if you want a bolder look.



Even though Romantic (top) looks rather orange here,  its a true red color.
The problem I have with these is that I can’t seem to find a shade that looks appropriate on my skin tone.

The red alone on my lips I feel comes off a bit too pigmented for school hours, and Honey almost looks too light. They also don’t really moisturize your lips too well, but just put a little clear moisturizing gloss on, and your good to go.

Now, for something I love about these things are the longevity of the stain! The way I make them work for me is putting both on, and putting a little chapstick on to sheer the color out. The chapstick takes care of the moisture problem, and combining the shades gives me a more natural finish.

With this combo, the stain itself lasts until at least after lunch (which is more than half of my school day) with any touch ups! I may put on some more chapstick or clear gloss just to keep my lips from appearing chapped, but I wouldn’t really call that a touch up. You could do it in class and not have a whole set up in the bathroom.

They have  many more colors in the line, but I chose these because they have a more natural look to them. They have a few beautiful rich plum tones that would flatter darker skin tones fantastically, as well as lighter tones as a beautiful rich berry color.I would definately wear a nice wash of that when going to a party or somewhere more regal and upscale.Well, if you decide to check them out, I hope you enjoy them! If you would like me to review something, leave a comment of the name of the product, and Ill try!

Well, thanks for reading!
Xoxo curly


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