Lush “Whipstick” Lipbalm Review

Hey guys!

So as promised in the last post, I was going to review some makeup products for you!

The first one I have here is one of the Lush lip balms. Lush is a company that makes a lot of organic, hand made products that smell divine!

The one I have here is in the flavor “Whipstick.”





According to the website, this particular product is “An orange-chocolate whip for lips.”

For me, it smells just like tootsie rolls. I really like this product because it really keeps my lips moist and supple for a crazy long time. I love to put this on right before bed, so when I wake up, my lips are nice, moisturized, and ready for whatever lip gloss I feel like wearing that day.

There is no color to it, but I don’t mind that at all. If you really wanted some colored ones, try the other balms they have. In the store, I swatched one called “A Million Kisses”, and it was crazy pigmented.( At least to me.)

Heres a swatch for Whipstick on my hand:


No color, but If your looking for a balm that will really keep your lips happy, this is definitely something to look at! 🙂

At $ 7.25, its a bit pricey, but compared to how much product you get, its worth it.

Well, thanks for reading!

xoxo curly ❤



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