Best Wishes and Some Hair Advice!

Hello everyone! I hope you had a happy holiday season with family, as well as an awesome new year!

So, I wanted to share some advice on natural hair to bring in the new year!

Tip 1: Oil it Up!

So the first tip that works with my hair is oil. Whenever I put in bantu’s or twists, I always put a tiny bit of oil in between the two pieces of hair. I think that at least for me, it puts a little bit of moisture at the roots to keep them conditioned for the duration of my style. Make sure its only a tiny bit though. If you put too much in, I feel like it creates buildup in your hair, leading to more frequent washes. Don’t drench it in oil, just put a dab to keep everything soft!

Tip 2: Dreaded Shed Hairs!

Extracting shed hairs is a must for me. Before every bantu, twist, etc., I always try to take out as many dead hairs as I can. If I dont, I find that when I wear a twist or bantu knot out, the ends look less sleek, and more tattered. It also contributes to knots and tangles!  This does not mean tug and pull at your hair! That causes alot of damage. Instead, just run your fingers through that section. The fallen hair should get caught in your fingers, where you can easily remove it without major force.

Tip 3: Less is More!

With styling your hair, dont put tons and tons of product in. Try to keep is light so no buildup happens in your hair, or on your scalp!

Tip 4: DEM ENDS!

Trust me, the ends of your hair are just as important as the roots! Be sure to put a smidge of shea butter or any heavier moisturizer so they don’t dry out and create split ends. I personally prefer shea butter just because I feel it moisturizes for longer and my ends cant suck it all in as fast as it would a cream of some sort.

Tip 5: Night time!

Putting up your hair in a certain way can really extend the life of that twist out, and protect your hair at the same time. (Two birds with one stone!!) A bunch of methods are out there, so see what works best for you and your type of hair.Image

My last Bantu knot out. With a pineapple, this lasted all week!

Thats great cause as a high school student, between weekly tests and pop quizzes, I dont really have time to primp and prod during the week. I am in love with this short chin length bob! I really like to spice it up with some nice pearl earring studs. Makes me look a little more… me in my grey school uniform 😉

Well, thanks for reading!

xoxo curly


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